Argan Oil is loaded with fatty acids that help your skin create healthy membranes, reduce inflammation and promote healthy collagen. This oil also has high levels of vitamin E and antioxidants that help treat fine lines and cracked skin.


Avocado Oil, like argan oil, is high in omega fatty acids and vitamin E. This type of oil helps to decrease inflammation and help cell function. For those who have dry, itchy skin - this is the oil for you!


Coconut Oil is perfect for sensitive skin, or those that suffer from eczema. This oil is so moisturizing and leaves you with beautiful glowing skin. Added Bonus: This oil is also super beneficial for your hair due to the fatty acids. However, only put the oil on the ends of your hair.


Jojoba Oil is mainly used for dry skin and has the consistency of wax. However, because the oil resembles our skin's natural oils, it absorbs nicely and allows vitamin b and e to penetrate the skin.


Lavender Oil is great to use on acne prone skin. It's not only soothing for your mind, it soothes any irritation, and is a natural antiseptic and disinfectant!


All oils are 100% pure, never diluted and we travel the entire globe to find only the best ingredients for each product that gets a Beauty Aura label. Why settle for less?