Diffusing essential oils won’t just make your house smell amazing, you will reap the health benefits every time you breathe in the oils! Diffusing is the most natural, cost-effective, and health-conscious solution for your health. Here are 4 major benefits of diffusing:


1. Purify Air

When diffused into the air, essential oils can destroy mold microorganisms and make chemicals non-toxic by fracturing their molecular structure. They effectively eliminate negative ions in the area, replacing them with a fresh, aromatic scent!


2. Support Immune Health

Of all the benefits of diffusing, boosting immunity is one of what essential oils do best. Diffusing essential oils has incredible detoxifying effects on the body and increases the activity in different parts of your immune system.


3. Reduce Stress

Essential oils have been known to penetrate cell membranes and cross the brain-blood barrier in seconds reaching the emotional center of the brain. This area of the brain is responsible for sending out chemical messengers that effect our energy, mood, or state of stress!


4. Health Sleep

Many essential oils are predominately made up of alcohols and esters that have several therapeutic properties, and are most commonly associated with relaxation. In fact, most essential oils that have sedative or relaxing qualities may be used to help bring some relief to restless sleep!


As is always the case in aromatherapy, you need to try different combinations of these oils to find what works the best for you. Shop our wide selection of top quality essential oils (https://www.beautyaura.com/essential-oils/4-oz.html) and try our top rated wooden aromatherapy essential oil diffuser today! (https://www.beautyaura.com/essential-oils/diffusers.html)