How To Keep Your Skin Radiant This Winter

It can be a struggle to keep your skin soft and radiant during the chillier winter months. As temperatures drop, the humidity levels also drop. This results in a much drier climate, which can dry out your skin. The harsh winds of winter can also irritate your skin. We understand that no one wants to deal with the irritating feeling of dry skin!

There are a number of simple and effective ways to combat dry skin during the winter months. Banish dry skin with these 8 tips:

1. Don’t Forget The Chapstick!

Everyone knows that chapped lips are no fun! Stock up on this essential product during the winter months. Carry some in your purse or your pocket, stick some in your pocket or purse, and leave some on your nightstand. It’s important to keep your lips moisturized before they get too dry, because no one likes chapped lips! If your lips are chapped, try some lip exfoliator to rid of dead skin.

2.  Don’t Make The Shower Temperature Too Hot

We know how great it feels to hop in a hot shower after a long day out in the cold! Try and resist the temptation. Hot showers can actually help to dry out your skin. Is it really worth it? Keep the temperature lukewarm to avoid drying out your skin.


This may seem like the easy solution, but this step can be easily overlooked. Make sure to moisturize directly after showering. This will help to trap moisture in your skin.

4. Stay Protected

Keep your skin as protected as possible during these chilly months. Wear scarfs, hats, and gloves. This will help keep the moisture in your skin!

5. Keep It Natural

Choose natural products to keep your skin as pure as possible. Artificial additives and ingredients can actually cause harm to your skin! Choosing natural products will nourish your skin and help to keep the skin clear and healthy.

6. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Radiant skin starts from the inside! Properly hydrate your body and you will see and feel the results. We often tend to forget to stay hydrated during the colder months, but your body still needs the same amount of water!

7. Utilize The Humidifier

Put a humidifier in your bedroom to add some moisture to the air in your room. This will give your skin the extra moisture that it needs to help keep it glowing!

8. Try A Hydrating Mask

A hydrating mask can give your skin the extra boost of moisture that it needs! Choose a mask with natural ingredients. This will ensure that there are no harsh chemicals in the mask.